Hi, recently I have been working on a project on Vizual FM.
Following is a short summary of it.
Not to freak out some people, i have not included the technical details, but i would love to discuss it with a geek ;-)

To enrich the FM listening, a new design has been proposed. It is similar to the RDS used in European countries and 'Visual Radio' used in Nokia Phones. However a listener needs to have a Nokia handset with Visual Radio facility and needs to subscribe to a GPRS connection.

Services that can be provided using ‘Vizual FM’:
•    Program schedule
•    Artist/Song details
•    City events
•    Text advertisements
•    News, cricket scores, quizzes and etcetera
•    Real time Lyrics (No other service provides lyrics facility yet)
In the new FM system the listener doesn't need any kind of handset or GPRS connection. All he needs to do is buy a plug-in device and connect it to the audio output/ earphone jack of any present FM receivers. The device will be USB programmable, so that the firmware can be updated easily from internet in future.

Following is a pic showing just the basic concept of the project in a layman's term

Visual Radio is already implemented by some stations in India but only in selected cities. This system relies on a GPRS connection to get the data. FM stations are tied up with an external company handling the GPRS data connection. The stations give the information about their broadcasting schedule to the GPRS service provider and thus the latter broadcasts the relevant data on the prescribed schedule through its channel. All those listeners who want to avail this service have to get registered.
Limitations of this method:
1.    Service is limited only to those users who posses handsets with Visual Radio service facility.
2.    Moreover they have to pay for this service to their GSM operator.
3.    At the station, additional hardware is required. They need to tie up with other GPRS service provider.

RDS on the other hand neither charges extra for the listener nor does it require any special handset. The data is transmitted using FM only but on a separate carrier frequency.
Limitations of this system:
1.    It utilizes its corresponding extra bandwidth.
2.    It needs additional hardware equipments for data coding and manipulation, both at the transmitter and receiver side.
3.    RDS is used only in European countries and have not been popular in other continents.

Visual Mirchi v/s. Visual Radio & RDS:
a.    Unlike Visual Radio no extra hardware is required
b.    Unlike RDS no extra bandwidth is required, which implies no legal issues with the government
c.    No extra cost for maintaining the hardware or anything else. Just one software which can be easily programmed and modified
d.    Compatible to the present FM receivers

Answer some trivial questions below and help me a great deal!
The survey is to know how people would like to receive the FM broadcasting.

Thanks for your time and consideration.




The survey started on 26th December, 2008.

 Click here to view a summary of all the resposes till now.

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